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6 Reasons Why People Choose Mr. CarFix

A. The Mechanics

Qualifications and experience plays a significant role in how an individual is able to solve problems on the. All our mechanics are armed with both; with minimum 8 years of experience.

Mr CarFix is committed to provide our services with the best professionals. With a keen eye and mindfulness to solve situations on hand. Using the right tools for diagnosing a problem as well as providing solutions.

B. Internally Qualified Products

We are especially serious when it comes to any brand we recommend. Our word on the quality is part of our core concepts for exceptional customer service.

To be able to stand behind the brands we carry out extensive research, fact-finding and feedback. And often with testing the quality on our own vehicles.

C. Time Savers

It usually strikes when you least expect it to; so often it is a panic on what to do and who to look for.

To address this our teams are always on the stand-by to assist you. Just call us with your location and we will make our way down to you as soon as possible.

D. Serving You 24/7 | 365 | Anywhere

Yes we are able to reach you anytime and any place in Singapore. Just let us know your location.

Being a call away is how we ensure customers that reach out to us are always served in the best manner possible.

Talk to us and let us be your helping hand.

E. Going The Extra Mile

Through our experience the underlying cause of your situation is something more than just a flat battery. So we go the extra mile with a quick vehicle diagnosis to identify and ascertain the real cause.

This is how we value-add to the overall experience by helping our customers through prevention.

F. The Price Matters

We continuously work towards giving the best price for our products we carry as well as the services we provide.

Diagnosis and general vehicle consultation is always a complementary service we absorb for our customers.



We work with all makes and models of cars from all over. And we are able to manage an array of issue pertaining to batteries.


Special attention is given to this class of vehicles due to more delicate electronics and components.


Different models of such may need larger batteries and sometimes up to 2 batteries. Let us expertly handle it for you.


Our prices do not change on a whim. Instead they are truly based on the battery you select.


Right to your door step (carpark) is where we will serve you.



We pride ourselves in providing the best service for you, always.


We will reach you base on your preferable time but do be patient especially during the peak hours where many areas are experiencing traffic congested.
But don't worry we will reach you with an alternative route to reach you as soon as possible.


Do I need change the battery?

It is not always the case where the battery needs to be changed. At the point of the recovery we will attempt to jumpstart and run a diagnostic test. From there we will advice accordingly what is the course of action to take.

Should I attempt to jumpstart with a friends' vehicle?

We advice you not to do so. As apart from the procedures can be found online certain makes and models need additional precautions to preserve the components of the car. You would not want a simple flat battery to turn into a major repair.

Vehicle won't start what should I do?

Stay calm. Remain in the vehicle if you are in the middle of traffic. Turn on your hazard lights if possible. Carefully exit the vehicle and setup your safety triangle; warn others the car is not functioning. If there are helpful passerbys, move the vehicle to the side to avoid obstructing traffic. Than CALL US.

What are the common signs the battery may be flat?

Long startup duration and flickering lights (internal and external) are common signs. Also after the car has not been started for a while it is sometimes good to get us to check.



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